Vote Tim Porter for Todd County Sheriff

Tim Porter Todd CountyTim Porter is the candidate for Todd County Sheriff, for the 2014 term and years to come.

The Todd County Sheriff’s Department needs stability. Todd County needs a Sheriff that can hold the office, not just for the 2014 term but more importantly, for years to come. Tim Porter is prepared to serve you as Sheriff for many years. Tim is just the right age for this job. Old enough to have experience and be well grounded. Young enough to serve Todd County as Sheriff for years to come. The duties of Sheriff are physically and mentally demanding for both the Sheriff and their families. Dealing with these stresses requires experience and conditioning that few jobs can truly provide. It is no wonder that many who are elected to the office of Sheriff find this out the hard way. Both Tim Porter and his family have been experiencing these types of job related stresses for many years. Being Sheriff requires long days, and Tim and the Porter family are prepared to deal with this. For the past several years, Tim’s work with the Army National Guard has kept him away from home at least four days a week, six months out of the year, and at least two full weeks each month. Tim Porter and his family are prepared to handle the stress of being Sheriff, and are committed to the office for the long haul. This will give Todd County the stability it needs in the Sheriff’s Department.

As Todd County Sheriff, Tim Porter plans to keep things in balance and make sure that Todd County gets the most out of their money. The office of Sheriff is often misunderstood, and many people think the are just a police force. That could not be further from the truth. The primary responsibility of most Sheriff Departments is to serve as the “arm of the county court.” Tax collection, serving warrants, transporting prisoners, and performing vehicle vin verifications are just some of the primary examples of the Todd County Sheriff Department’s responsibilities. The current Sheriff staff is comprised of one secretary, three deputies, and a limited budget. As Sheriff, Tim Porter will mange these assets with the citizens of Todd County in mind. Ideally the Sheriff’s Department would do its part to wipe all crime from Todd County. Unfortunately the budget mandates what resources the Department has to work with. Tim Porter has had a lot of experience working with state and federal agencies, and as Sheriff, Tim Porter will call upon these agencies to assist with the major law enforcement problems the county faces. These agencies have the budget, man power, and resources to properly investigate and prosecute these crimes to fruition. This will allow the Sheriff’s Department to better serve the citizens of Todd County.

Vote Tim Porter for Todd County Sheriff AdDuring election times it is easy for candidates to go out and promise the moon and stars to be elected. Then, after they have your vote, you find out that they really cannot provide those things for one reason or another. Tim Porter believes that too many politicians have done this to us already. Tim is a realist, and he understands that any promise he makes would have to be paid for by YOU! If the citizens of Todd County are willing to spend more for a larger Sheriff’s Department, that is great. As Sheriff,Tim Porter will manage and spend your money wisely and efficiently regardless of the amount. If the taxes and budget remain the way they are, Tim Porter will ensure that Todd County residents get the most out of their hard earned money. As Sheriff, Tim Porter will strive to deliver the moon and stars, but he will do it with our wallets in mind.

Elect Tim Porter as Sheriff of Todd County.